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i'm just being facetious.
~ Sunday, June 24 ~

thoughts-and-ponderings said: 5 favourite foods that are green? Do you like iced water or room temperature? Do you have a dream car? If you could be invited to any celebrity's birthday party, which celeb would you pick?

five favourite foods that are green: baby spinach, granny smith apples, green grapes, um… romaine lettuce? i really like salads. also, mint flavoured sweets. shhh, it counts.

i like my beverages cold as can be. in fact, i like cold beverages so much that i don’t like any warm/hot beverages. at all.

this is silly but my dream car has always been a 1969 chevelle.

hmmm, that’s difficult. do non-actors/actresses count? if so, maybe j.k. rowling. or joss whedon. 

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  1. jurassicaaaa said: I’d go to JKs birthday fo sho. I think maybe Hang Green would throw a good party. But I don’t know if hes celeb enough?
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